Compagnie les Mains, les Pieds et la Tête aussi

Created in Lyon in 2001, the Compagnie Les Mains Les Pieds et La Tête Aussi is dedicated to creating, developing, and promoting the contemporary circus arts.

Alternating between research, directing, performance, and artistic oversight, Mathurin Bolze never stops questioning the art of movement and the art of the stage, all with the belief that artistic and human affinities are the driving force behind the creative pursuit.

Whether they are original creations, artistic collaborations, or projects that have blossomed from amicable encounters, the company’s performances are regularly presented in France and internationally. Bolze is regularly entrusted with overseeing events or given a carte blanche because as an artist, performer, and designer, he encompasses a vast network of artists and engages with a myriad of new works.


Artistic direction : Mathurin Bolze

Administration / Development : Colin Diederichs

Administration : Raphaelle Rabillon

Production/Touring : Julie Grange

Production and logistic : Manon Fabre

Technical direction : Jérôme Fèvre

Co-direction utoPistes Festival : Marion Floras

Public relations utoPistes Festival : Léa Maestro

Communication : Violette Perrin