Creation 2020
on tour
Artistic partnership

À nos vertiges

Emma Verbeke and Corentin Diana, two young artists from the CNAC national circus arts center, perform a physical duet in a constantly evolving space. They search for the verticals that will hold them upright and try to determine their relationship to a shifting ground, an unstable earth.

Their playground is a suspended wooden and metal object that is designed like a system of Russian dolls. It rises, splits, rolls, and swings, and with her aerial straps, Emma tends to escape into the air, to become inebriated with spirals and suspensions. These altering landscapes are both visual metaphors and the context of their relationship. It is a piece of land, a horizon, a ceiling, their gallery…

From balance to imbalance, with ardor and elegance, A Nos Vertiges [To Our Vertigo] never stops adapting its movements and interacting with instability. As a result, these two artists compose and recompose places, spaces, and time, both the meaning and the tenuous thread of their story, the rough sketches of their portrait…




Cast & Production

By and with

Corentin Diana & Emma Verbeke

Model for stage design


Outside artistic consultant

Mathurin Bolze

Sound design

Philippe Foch & Jérôme Fèvre

Lighting design

Clément Soumy

Costume design

Gabrielle Marty and Sofia Benchérif

Stage management

Antonin Chaplain


Pierre Planchenaut
Romain Tissot

Production and touring

Compagnie les mains, les pieds et la tête aussi

Special thanks to

Julien Mugica and the CNAC national circus arts center workshop program


National companionship support

Cirk’Eole in Montigny-Les-Metz / MA national theater in Pays de Montbéliard / L'Agora national circus center in Boulazac Aquitaine / the La Garance national theater in Cavaillon / CIRCa national circus center in Auch Gers Occitanie / the 2 Pôles Cirque platform in Normandy - Cirque-Théâtre Elbeuf.