Creation 2008

Mathurin Bolze et Hèdi Thabet / Ali

A long act or a short play, to say things without words about our encounter where one becomes two, where two are twinned or come apart, perhaps a double, a projection of one upon another, a close encounter of the third kind.

A hybrid form to show the other’s motion of interrogation, a line of tension to structure our research like in the frenzy of the circus, going straight to the point. Laughing in the face of fright because there is a fairground beast, a roaming freak, both in each one of us and also between the two of us.

Mathurin Bolze and Hedi Thabet



Cast & Production

By and with

Mathurin Bolze and Hedi Thabet

Production management

Mpta company

With the support of

La brèche - Circus National Center Normandie
Le Studio Lucien - Denis Plassard
Les Subs