Creation 2015
in the open air

La Marche

The Walk conveys an atmosphere more than a landscape; it is not a tracking shot, but rather the study of a motion on the spot, a close-up, an introspection, a game with time and space, a poetical breach…
Mathurin Bolze picks up the thread of his wanderings in a wheel whose possibilities he hasn’t finished exploring. He roams among the words of Frédéric Gros, following the rhythm of his introduction to La Petite Bibliothèque du marcheur (a philosophy of walking), or to the sound of Erik Satie’s Gnossiennes. He rolls around aimlessly, seemingly floating in the air, unfolding time, from a ramble to a mad dash.


Références ;
Introduction à la petite bibliothèque du marcheur, Frédéric Gros / Editions Flammarion
L’homme qui marchait dans la couleur, Georges Didi Huberman / Editions de Minuit
Marcher, une philosophie, Frédéric Gros / Editions Carnet Nord

short performance – duration : 15 min.

Crédits photo : Geoffray Chantelot

Cast & Production

By and with

Mathurin Bolze

Sound design

Jérôme Fèvre

lighting design

Joel L’Hopitalier

Production management

Compagnie les mains les pieds et la tête aussi